Welcome to Openads 2.0.11-pr1
We have tried to make the installation of Openads as easy as possible, but keep in mind that setting up an ad server is not trivial. If you haven't read the documentation at this point, we strongly recommend that you do so before you proceed with the installation. The docuemtnation will help you avoid potential problems in the future and will guide you through the following steps.

If you are trying to upgrade an existing installation of Openads you probably did not follow the instructions given in the documentation. If you continue, Openads will try to do a clean install and all your existing settings, inventory and statistics will be lost. If you want to upgrade an existing installation, please close this window, read the documentation on upgrading and follow the instructions carefully.

Comprehensive documentation is provided on the Openads website it includes information about the installation and upgrade process as advice for managing your inventory and placing banners on your website.

If you still have questions after reading the documentation, visit the support section of our website and the community forum.